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Plants That Repel Insects ( How To Keep Pests Away)

Plants That Repel Insects

Firstly, not all insects are bad for the garden, and we want to attract the good ones. But there are a lot of insects that cause damage, and even death to our plants. So here’s the growing-guides plants that repel insects(the bad ones). Plants That Repel Insects There are many plants that have the reputation of deterring pests, and here’s a few to get us started. So to start let’s look at how plants repel insects, there are some plants that give off an odour to repel insects, and others that exude chemicals to repel insects. Plants That Repel Insects-Flowers… → Read More

Companion Planting Celery [What To Grow With Celery]

Companion Planting Celery

Not the easiest of vegetables to grow, but so satisfying when you get it right and the taste of home grown is far superior. As with most crops, celery will benefit from being grown with helpful neighbours. Companion planting celery with the following will be good for one or both of them. Companion Planting Celery As with all plants when looking for suitable companion plants we need to look at plants that are compatible. Not only with each other, but also with the sunlight and soil conditions needed for growing celery successfully. So what does celery prefer? Celery originated in… → Read More

Weeds As Soil Indicators

Weeds As Soil Indicators

There is an old story about a blind man who is looking at a piece of land for his daughter to purchase, he asks the seller to describe the land to him. After a short description he asks for a list of weeds growing on the land and makes his decision to buy based on that description. It’s a nice story and whether it’s true or not it does demonstrate the use of weeds as soil indicators. To be that knowledgeable about how plants grow in certain conditions that you don’t even have to see it to know would be… → Read More

Flowers That Repel Pests [15 top Plants To Repel Pests]


There are many reasons for growing flowers, they brighten up the garden, attract insects and birds, and some can be used to repel pests. I am not a great one for growing flowers really, unless they are beneficial in my vegetable garden. That’s why flowers that repel pests appeals to me and why I’ve written this post. Flowers That Repel Pests So here’s a list of flowers that repel pests that can be integrated into your garden design. Use as many as you like and you too will benefit from a healthier environment for your plants. Larkspur A member of… → Read More

What Grows Well With Raspberries

What Grows Well With Raspberries

Always expensive in the shops,raspberries make a great fruit for desserts and just to eat fresh. Raspberries are not that difficult to grow and are fairly undemanding to maintain. As with all plants they will do better with certain companions so what grows well with raspberries? What Grows Well With Raspberries The principles of companion planting are well known, some plants repel pests, some attract beneficial insects either to pollinate or as predators on the bad bugs. Some are sacrificial, taking the bad bugs away from your crop plant. Others share beneficial compounds through the soil whilst others do the… → Read More

Companion Planting Peach Trees

Companion Planting Peach Trees

Often considered as plant that will only grow in hot climates, peaches are much tougher than the fruit looks. In fact, as long as you provide them a fairly sheltered environment, with protection from strong winds they will do well. By companion planting peach trees with other helpful plants you will improve the health and yield of your fruit crop. Companion Planting Peach Trees One of the main problems when growing peaches in the UK is wind because the delicate flowers can easily get damaged. Later in the season once the fruits have set and are ripening, the problem is… → Read More

Get Rid of Blackfly on Broad Beans for Good!

Get Rid Of Blackfly On Broad Beans For Good!

The scourge of the broad bean grower, blackfly are not just unsightly. They weaken plants and leave them susceptible to diseases and infections. The best way to get rid of blackfly on broad beans for good is not as difficult as it sounds. What Are Blackflies? The blackfly that attacks your broad beans is a member of the aphid family. They survive by sucking the sap from your plants, this is the lifeblood of your broad bean plants (and any other plants). Because this sap is mainly sugar the blackfly have to consume much more than they can actually eat,… → Read More

Herbs As Companion Plants

Herbs As Companion Plants

Herbs are one of the most used plants in the kitchen, and everyone has their own favourite herb. Did you know that using herbs as companion plants not only look good in your garden, but also benefit your other plants as well. think of the luscious aromas of summer, thyme, lavender, basil, oregano, Marjory, sage… I could go on forever. All of the herbs below will benefit your garden as well as your table. It’s time to get into the wonderful world of companion planting herbs. What Is Companion Planting? Companion planting is a system of growing plants together to… → Read More

Companion Planting Grapes


For centuries growers have been companion planting grapes to improve their crops. The Greeks and the Romans too, so if it’s good enough for the classics then it’s good enough for me as well. Companion Planting Grapes Grapes are not just a good source of fibre, they  also contain many vitamins and minerals. But that’s not why they were popular in ancient times, no that was because they make great wine. That’s still true today but as with all plants the flavour, health and yield can be improved upon with companion planting. What To Companion Plant With Grape Vines There… → Read More