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How To Make A Worm Farm

how to make a worm farm

I’ve been looking into how to make a worm farm for some time now, and I thought I’d share my research and set up with you. First let’s look into why make a worm farm, as this is a question I’m sure many will be asking. Why Make A Worm Farm? What are the benefits of making a worm farm and what are the benefits of keeping worms? Valid questions, which I’ll attempt to answer as fully as I can. First let’s look at worms and what they do. How Do Worms Benefit The Garden? In an effort to keep… → Read More

The Health Benefits Of Tomatoes

The Health Benefits Of Tomatoes (2)

Most gardeners grow tomatoes, they are relatively easy to grow and reward us with tasty, juicy fruit.Tomatoes are also packed full of vitamins and minerals. The health benefits of tomatoes should not be over looked. The Health Benefits Of Tomatoes Tomatoes are 95% water with the other 5% being mostly carbohydrates and fibre, 85% of this fibre being insoluble. This is only part of the story though. These tasty fruits are the main source of lycopene an anti oxidant linked to the prevention of heart disease, stroke and cancer. Not too shabby so far, but there’s so much more… Up… → Read More

What Is Deadheading?

What Is deadheading

In a few of my posts I have mentioned deadheading in passing, but what is deadheading? What is the point of deadheading? Is it necessary? These are just a few of the questions that I’ll answer in this post. What Is Deadheading? If you have ever nipped a dead flower head off a plant, either by hand or with secateurs or cutters, you have dead headed that plant. So in simple terms deadheading is removing dead flower heads from plants. Not to be confused with pruning which can be more about changing the shape of shrubs and bushes. What Is… → Read More

Using Scents To Keep Pests Away

Using Scents To Keep Pests Away

As with humans, so with the animal kingdom. Using scents to keep pests away is a pleasant way  of deterring those unwanted pests from your plants. If you wish to use only organic, humane ways to deter pests from your garden then this post is for you. Using Scents To Keep Pests Away By following this list pests can be deterred from either entering your garden or, at least they can be kept away from your vegetables. Ants Ants dislike, cinnamon, Cloves, Cayenne pepper, Curry powder, Lavender and mint. Sprinkle Cinnamon powder, Curry powder or a handful of Cloves around… → Read More

The Top Danger To Dogs In The Garden

The Top Danger To Dogs In The Garden

There are numerous dangers to dogs in our gardens. This includes many plants, but the top danger to dogs in the garden are slugs and snails. Dangers To Dogs In The Garden Dangers in the garden to dogs include;- Poisonous Plants – For more information on poisonous plants click here. Prickly Plants – These can injure dogs paws, eyes and other soft tissue areas like the nose. Ponds and Pools – Dogs are natural swimmers but small dogs and deep water could be a recipe for disaster. Broken Fences – A dog might see his or her chance for adventure… → Read More

The 5 Easiest Vegetables to grow in containers

the 5 easiest vegetables to grow in containers

If space is limited it is still possible to grow fresh, healthy vegetables in containers. In this guide, I’ll share with you the tricks that I have learned over the years. So here it is, the 5 easiest vegetables to grow in containers. Preparation is key As with everything in life, getting the basics right will make the goal easier to attain. Use the largest pot or container you can. Fill with the best compost you can find, and plant the healthiest plants you can grow. Maintenance Container grown plants need feeding regularly with a good food like comfrey plant… → Read More

The Number One Secret To Growing Great Plants

The Number One

Ask any gardener the secret to growing and they will all give you a different answer, but here is the number one secret to growing great plants. This is of course my own personal belief but it is based on years of gardening experience. Good Soil Having good soil is an important factor in growing great plants, the soil is where the plants get their nutrients from so of course good soil is a necessary element. This is why every season I add well rotted manure and fresh compost to my soil. Adding compost and / or manure will improve… → Read More

Growing Plants For Pollinators And Why It’s Important

Growing plants for pollinators and why it's important

In this post, I explore the reasons for growing plants for pollinators and why it’s important for your garden or vegetable plot. It is also important for the conservation of wildlife. There are reports that bees are on the decline worldwide, so any help we as growers can offer must be a good thing. Growing Plants For Pollinators And Why It’s Important According to the Bumble bee conservation trust, two species of bumble bee have become extinct in the UK since the start of the twentieth century. With another two species of bee in danger of imminent extinction. Theories as… → Read More

Don’t Waste Good Food

don't waste good food

We live in a throw away society now days, everything from cars to kitchen appliances are made to be replaced not repaired anymore. Well one place where we can all be greener and more frugal is with our vegetables. My advice is don’t waste good food. Don’t Waste Good Food There are plenty of people who don’t realise just how much food they are wasting. We learn certain processes throughout the course of our lives, and most never question them. Well I’m going to challenge your beliefs and hopefully get you to try some different approaches to using vegetables. Use… → Read More

The Most Important Thing To Remember When Transplanting Seedlings

The Most Important Thing To Remember When Transplanting Seedlings

There are many things that  need to be taken into account when transplanting or repotting seedlings. However  the most important thing to remember when transplanting seedlings will give your plants the very best start in life. Things To Remember When Transplanting Seedlings Once the seeds have germinated and they are growing strong, it’s easy to believe that the job’s done and that healthy plants are guaranteed. Apart from the obvious factors like temperature, moisture, humidity, hardening off, and light, there are other points to be aware of. Things like:- Which parts of the seedlings are delicate and easily damaged How… → Read More