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Get Rid of Blackfly on Broad Beans for Good!

Get Rid Of Blackfly On Broad Beans For Good!

The scourge of the broad bean grower, blackfly are not just unsightly. They weaken plants and leave them susceptible to diseases and infections. The best way to get rid of blackfly on broad beans for good is not as difficult as it sounds. What Are Blackflies? The blackfly that attacks your broad beans is a member of the aphid family. They survive by sucking the sap from your plants, this is the lifeblood of your broad bean plants (and any other plants). Because this sap is mainly sugar the blackfly have to consume much more than they can actually eat,… → Read More

How To Get Rid Of Aphids Naturally [9 Organic Methods]

How To Get Rid Of Aphids Naturally

Every gardener will have come into contact with aphids at one time or another, and we all have tips and tricks to deal with them. This post is how to get rid of aphids naturally and as the title suggests, that means organically, without chemicals. I will touch on chemical methods later on in the post, but let’s start with the natural ways first. Method #1: fingers At the first sign of aphid infestation, you need to take action and if the infestation is mild this method will work. Just gently rub your thumb and forefinger against the aphids and… → Read More