What Grows Well With Raspberries

What Grows Well With Raspberries

Always expensive in the shops,raspberries make a great fruit for desserts and just to eat fresh. Raspberries are not that difficult to grow and are fairly undemanding to maintain. As with all plants they will do better with certain companions so what grows well with raspberries?

What Grows Well With Raspberries

The principles of companion planting are well known, some plants repel pests, some attract beneficial insects either to pollinate or as predators on the bad bugs. Some are sacrificial, taking the bad bugs away from your crop plant. Others share beneficial compounds through the soil whilst others do the opposite.

Good companion plants for raspberries and plants that grow well with raspberries include:-

Rue and Raspberries

Rue and Raspberries

Rue is a herb grown in many gardens for its attractive blue/green leaves and yellow flowers. It is also a beneficial plant for keeping aphids, flea beetles, slugs, snails, flies and beetles away from your plants. This makes rue a great plant to grow in companion with raspberries.

Garlic and Raspberries

what grows well with Raspberries-garlic

There is a high sulphur content in garlic which keeps fungal infections away, infections like Verticillium wilt which raspberries are susceptible to. Once infected with this disease plants will die, there is no cure and so prevention is the key here. Surround your raspberries with garlic to prevent this fungal infection from attacking your raspberries.

For more information on Verticillium wilt here’s a link to the Royal Horticultural Society’s website.

Garlic also repels many pests including weevils, fruit tree borers and certain types of beetle. It is also used to keep aphids away and you get to eat the garlic as well. So what else grows well with raspberries?

Chives and Raspberries


The pretty purple flower attracts pollinators to the raspberry patch and the distinctive aroma repels many pests.

Onions and Raspberries

 onions keep fungal infections at a minimum

Substituting garlic for onions will achieve the same results, protection from fungal infection and flying pests.

Tansy and Raspberries

tansy to keep bad bugs away

A great plant to repel many pests and attract good pollinating insects. Tansy repels mosquitoes, moths, flies and many more pests.

Marigolds and Raspberries

companion planting marigolds

To keep the soil clear of eel worms and other nematodes, under plant raspberries with marigolds. They are also very attractive to pollinators like bees and butterflies. For more on marigold companion plants click this link.

What Not To Grow With Raspberries

As with people so with plants not everyone gets on, and raspberries are no different. Don’t grow raspberries with :-

Potatoes and Raspberries

potatoes should never be grown with raspberries

The same fungal infections that cause potato blight can easily be spread onto raspberries. In fact raspberries should not be planted in the soil that has grown potatoes for the past 5 years. For information on what can you plant with potatoes click here.

Tomatoes and Raspberries

don't grow tomatoes with raspberries

Potato blight is the same as tomato blight which will affect the raspberries so tomatoes should be kept far away from raspberries. To learn all about companion planting tomatoes click here.

Aubergines (egg plants) and Raspberries

what not to grow with raspberries-aubergines

Members of the same family as potatoes and tomatoes, aubergines should never be grown near raspberries.

Peppers and Raspberries

peppers can cause fungal diseases to spread

As peppers are susceptible to fungal infections that cause disease and death of the plants separate them from raspberries. To find out more about companion planting peppers click here.

Chillies and Raspberries

what not to grow with raspberries-chillies

The viral and fungal infections that chillies are prone to can and will infect raspberries.

Strawberries and Raspberries

Strawberries can carry the Verticillium wilt virus

These 2 go nicely in the dessert bowl, however they should never be grown together. Strawberries are susceptible to Verticillium wilt and if contracted it will spread to the raspberries. For what to grows well with strawberries click here.

Weeds and Raspberries

It is best practise to keep weeds down around your raspberries because they will take nutrients and water from the plants. They can also harbour pests and diseases. Raspberries do better mulched with well rotted manure This provides extra nutrients,retains moisture, and keeps weeds down.

So for healthier, heavier yielding raspberries follow this advice and let me know how you get on. What grows well with raspberries is one of many companion planting posts I have written. I am a great believer in emulating nature for better growth and plants grow better in companionship with others.

6 comments on “What Grows Well With Raspberries

  1. Diane Goldstone

    Thank you for this quick guide on raspberry companion plants and what to avoid near them. You have just saved me an expensive heap of trouble!
    I was looking up companion planting to see if beetroot can be planted with raspberries, but found out something more important!!
    I have a new “terrace garden” on a steep slope, with two beds 4.5m long x 0.8m wide. The soil is clay and there are nearby pine trees which may have sucked the soil dry of nutrients. I have dug the soil, applied gypsum, compost and dug that in. On planting the raspberries, I added further compost to the base of the holes, back filled them, then applied rock dust and fertilizer, covered the bed surface with more compost and watered the 9 plants in well… so far so good.

    The next thing I was going to do was plant the 2nd bed with potatoes and plant tomatoes along the front of the raspberry row… you have just save me that mistake!! So thank you very much for the information.

    I may have to start following the heifers around the farm with a wheelbarrow, collecting manure for the raspberries and my roses!
    All the best with your recovery and with your gardening,
    Kind Regards from New Zealand,

    1. Steve Jones Post author

      Thanks for your great comment Diane, I’m glad to have been of help my friend. it sounds like you’re doing things properly and I wish you every success with your raspberries.
      Companion planting isn’t an exact science but it makes sense not to chance spreading diseases or pathogens around your plants.
      Especially when the plants are being treated to such a good start.

      I cannot find any information concerning beetroot and raspberries, maybe try a few and see what happens, if you do I’d be interested in the results.
      Enjoy your Summer, as you know we are going into our Autumn now so my growing season is virtually over.
      Stay safe and keep well.
      All the best

    1. Steve Jones Post author

      Hi Gwyn,
      I’m sorry for my late reply, I have been in hospital, I have just come home to find 36 comments to reply to.
      It’s perfectly fine to grow raspberries near lavender.
      All the best

  2. Nicole

    Now I know why my raspberry bush isn’t doing good. Last year I planted potatoes next to raspberries but it got cold rly fast and potatoes froze but I had no idea they were gonna come back this spring (1st time growing potatoes)
    I guess, I can say goodbye to my raspberry? It was doing so good, I’ve had it for at least 3-4 years. Lesson learned, should’ve looked into it before I planted potatoes


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