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Companion Planting Fennel

Companion Planting Fennel

Most herbs are a useful ally to the organic gardener, but there is one that is the exception to that rule. That one is fennel, which is a shame because fennel is a great plant for keeping pests away. So let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of companion planting fennel. Companion Planting Fennel There are so many plants that won’t grow anywhere near fennel that it’s best to keep it away from pretty much everything. That said, there are a few worth mentioning so read on for some of the more interesting effects of companion planting fennel. The following… → Read More

Plants That Repel Insects ( How To Keep Pests Away)

Plants That Repel Insects

Firstly, not all insects are bad for the garden, and we want to attract the good ones. But there are a lot of insects that cause damage, and even death to our plants. So here’s the growing-guides plants that repel insects(the bad ones). Plants That Repel Insects There are many plants that have the reputation of deterring pests, and here’s a few to get us started. So to start let’s look at how plants repel insects, there are some plants that give off an odour to repel insects, and others that exude chemicals to repel insects. Plants That Repel Insects-Flowers… → Read More

Flowers That Repel Pests [15 top Plants To Repel Pests]


There are many reasons for growing flowers, they brighten up the garden, attract insects and birds, and some can be used to repel pests. I am not a great one for growing flowers really, unless they are beneficial in my vegetable garden. That’s why flowers that repel pests appeals to me and why I’ve written this post. Flowers That Repel Pests So here’s a list of flowers that repel pests that can be integrated into your garden design. Use as many as you like and you too will benefit from a healthier environment for your plants. Larkspur A member of… → Read More

Companion Planting Carrots

companion planting carrots

Nothing beats the taste of a freshly pulled carrot, and nothing is more disappointing than pulling a carrot only to find it is riddled with the tracks of the carrot fly. So to help combat this threat I bring you companion planting carrots. Companion Planting Carrots Carrots come in many different shapes and colours. The one constant however is the aroma. They all smell the same and as such they all need disguising. That’s where the companion planting comes in. For more information on growing carrots click the link. Carrot Fly Know Your Enemy The carrot fly lays its eggs… → Read More