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It’s all very well growing an abundance of produce, but what to do with it once it’s harvested? Well obviously use your produce as you like but if you have a glut or are just looking for some new ideas keep popping back to this page as I will be adding recipes as I think of them.

The Secrets Of Semolina Bread

The Secrets Of Semolina Bread

Everywhere I go lately, someone seems to be talking about semolina bread. I have heard it said that it’s healthier than other breads, a dietry aid, protein rich, and vegan. Is it all true? Let’s find out as we look at the secrets of semolina bread. In this post you will learn all about semolina bread including:- How eating semolina bread is better for you than other breads The easiest recipe for making semolina bread What’s real and what’s not about semolina bread The best way to live with a healthier diet. The Secrets Of Semolina Bread Semolina bread is… → Read More

How To Make A Healthy Leek And Potato Soup

How To Make A Healthy Leek And Potato Soup

There are many recipes out there for leek and potato soup but most use additional ingredients that are not necessary. As well as being unnecessary they are usually unhealthy. So join me as I show you how to make a healthy leek and potato soup. How To Make A Healthy Leek And Potato Soup I could just as easily called this how to make a simple leek and potato soup, because not only is it healthy, it’s also easy to make. With no additives at all it is the healthiest and easiest soup recipe I know. Which suits me as… → Read More

How To Make Simple, Tasty Vegan Pasties

how to make simple tasty vegan pasties

This very simple vegan recipe is so tasty, takes hardly anytime to prepare, and will satisfy the hungriest of appetites. I have served these to meat eaters who didn’t realise they were eating a Vegan meal. So here’s how to make simple, tasty vegan pasties. How To Make Simple, Tasty Vegan Pasties The first step is to make or buy some short crust pastry. This is another simple task and the easiest recipe can be found here. Once you have your pastry, turn your oven to gas mark 4 (350 F or 180C) Then you can start to prepare your… → Read More

Easy Basic Recipes

Like most things in life, every thing is easy once you know how. For some reason chefs like to create mystery around food production. So here are some of my easy basic recipes … and trust me once you’ve used them a couple of times you won’t need them. So easy basic recipes from scratch. Easy Basic Recipes The 1st one I’m going to share with you is so simple, and yet the very thought of it used to break me out in a sweat. Short Crust Pastry If you have ever mixed up a batch of cement then you… → Read More

The Easiest Pumpkin Soup Recipe Ever

the easiest pumpkin soup recipe ever

Ever grown a few pumpkins but don’t have a lot of time to prepare them?……… Or maybe you just don’t have a lot of time to cook a healthy filling meal. Well this is the easiest recipe ever…………. ………….This not only works for pumpkins but also for Butter nuts and most other winter squashes. So you have a pumpkin and 20 minutes to spare well here’s the easiest pumpkin soup recipe ever. Ingredients 1 Pumpkin (peeled and diced) 1 Onion  (peeled and finely chopped) 2 Potatoes (peeled and diced) 1 Chilli (chopped) 1 Carrot (peeled and chopped) 1 Stick of… → Read More

Kale Crisps And How To Make Them

Kale crisps


One of my friends told me how to make these the other week and after trying them I must say just how nice they are. I’ll definitely be making these again. Kale Crisps Ingredients All you need is:- Kale Olive oil Salt Method Cut the middle vein out of the leaves of Kale , then cut the pieces into bite size lengths, then place them on a microwavable plate, sprinkle with olive oil, add a touch of sea salt then microwave on full power for three and a half minutes. Pat with kitchen paper to dry excess oil and enjoy…. → Read More

Tomato and garlic baguette

tomato and garlic baguette


This is a particularly flavoursome combination that I first tasted in Italy about twelve years ago and as both garlic and tomatoes are available at the same time it works really well. It is also one of the simplest recipes I have ever made, I believe the tomato and garlic baguette is one of my favourite tastes of summer. Tomato and Garlic Baguette                     Ingredients Tomatoes Garlic Olive oil Baguette or ciabatta or similar Fresh basil (optional) Method     Place a small amount of olive oil into a fairly deep bowl chop three cloves of garlic and mix into oil, chop… → Read More