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What to Grow in February

What To Grow In February

If you’re anything like me, by the end of January you can’t wait to start the growing season off again. Well this post will give you all the information you need to get srated as soon as the calendar turns. So let’s have a look at what to grow in February. What to Grow in February If you have the luxury of a greenhouse, even a unheated greenhouse, there’s a wide range of plants you can grow in February. If you don’t have a greenhouse then your options are slightly more limited but don’t despair. There are many ways to… → Read More

10 Vegetables To Grow In September

10 Vegetables To Grow In September

Just because Summer is officially over, it doesn’t mean that’s the end of the growing season. There’s still time to sow and harvest a few crops and it’s a good time to start preparing for next season. So here’s 10 vegetables to grow in September. 10 Vegetables To Grow In September The 1st of September officially marks the start of Autumn, a time when things start winding down. But not for us gardeners, it’s time for us to get in a few late crops for Winter harvest and to start on next Springs crops as well. Radish September is the… → Read More

Watermelon Companion Plants

watermelon companion planting

I live in the UK and I have dabbled at growing melons in my unheated greenhouse a few times over the years, with mixed results. This year however, I have found a UK based seed company that offers watermelon seeds for the UK climate. So I’m looking at watermelon companion plants and I’ll share them with you here. What Are Watermelons? Watermelons are members of the curcubit family which includes pumpkins, squash, melons, cucumbers, and gourds. They are sweet flavoured and as the name suggests, very juicy. Watermelons develop differently to other members of the same family. They have less… → Read More

Companion Planting Carrots

companion planting carrots

Nothing beats the taste of a freshly pulled carrot, and nothing is more disappointing than pulling a carrot only to find it is riddled with the tracks of the carrot fly. So to help combat this threat I bring you companion planting carrots. Companion Planting Carrots Carrots come in many different shapes and colours. The one constant however is the aroma. They all smell the same and as such they all need disguising. That’s where the companion planting comes in. For more information on growing carrots click the link. Carrot Fly Know Your Enemy The carrot fly lays its eggs… → Read More

The new season begins


This morning I planted some peas that I’d had soaking indoors they’re now in individual pots in the greenhouse. In a few weeks I’ll transplant them onto the plot to replace the ones that rotted. I also sowed some leek seeds (Musselburgh) in a seed tray in the greenhouse, these will be grown on until they are roughly pencil size and then I will plant them in the raised bed that is already prepared for them on the allotment. My seed potatoes have arrived and my shallot sets. I will be chitting the potatoes over the next six weeks and… → Read More