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Companion Plants For Fruit Trees

Companion Plants For Fruit Trees

In traditional orchards, fruit trees were grown in rows but as stand alone plants and relied on each others blooms to attract pollinators. As amatuer gardeners, we need all the help we can to get things pollinated. So here is a list of useful companion plants for fruit trees. Companion Plants For Fruit Trees The idea of companion planting is not a new concept, in fact there are records dating back 10,000 years of companion planting practises. It’s basically the principle of growing plants close together for the health and improvement of one or more of the plants. Many of… → Read More

What to Grow in February

What To Grow In February

If you’re anything like me, by the end of January you can’t wait to start the growing season off again. Well this post will give you all the information you need to get srated as soon as the calendar turns. So let’s have a look at what to grow in February. What to Grow in February If you have the luxury of a greenhouse, even a unheated greenhouse, there’s a wide range of plants you can grow in February. If you don’t have a greenhouse then your options are slightly more limited but don’t despair. There are many ways to… → Read More

companion plants for chillies

companion plants for chillies

Whether it’s through a lack of space, or just for a healthier, larger crop companion planting is always a good idea. The companion plants for chillies are all listed below and you should try to include at least some in your planting plan. They will help in either attracting pollinators or deterring pests or improving the conditions for your chillies to grow in. companion plants for chillies There are many plants that will help to enhance the health and vitality of your chillies, try to include as many as possible into your planting plan. Alliums and Chillies The allium family… → Read More

Companion Planting Peppers

Companion Planting Peppers Bell Peppers

Often expensive to buy in the shops, peppers whether green, yellow, orange or red are relatively easy to grow in the home garden. By companion planting peppers with other helpful plants you can certainly give them a much better chance of success. Companion Planting Peppers Peppers are a member of the same family as Chillies, Aubergines, Tomatoes and Potatoes so they need to be included in your rotation plan. Plants that will help peppers grow include:- Alliums (Chives, Onions and Leeks) Beans and Peas Basil Dill Parsley Marjoram, Rosemary and Oregano Tomatoes Radishes Petunias, Marigolds and Nasturtiums Chard, Lettuce and… → Read More

Companion Planting Apricots

companion planting apricots

Not necessarily something you’d expect to grow in the colder climes of the United Kingdom, but apricots can and are growing in Essex at least. As with most plants, conditions can be improved by companion planting. So in this post companion planting apricots I’ll expand on what will help get the best from your apricot. Companion Planting Apricots In the United Kingdom Apricots do best in South facing gardens. As apricots are self fertile there is no problem growing single trees. Sheltering Trees From Cold Shelter apricot trees with hedging or a wicker fence to protect from winds. If severe… → Read More

Growing Plants For Pollinators And Why It’s Important

Growing plants for pollinators and why it's important

In this post, I explore the reasons for growing plants for pollinators and why it’s important for your garden or vegetable plot. It is also important for the conservation of wildlife. There are reports that bees are on the decline worldwide, so any help we as growers can offer must be a good thing. Growing Plants For Pollinators And Why It’s Important According to the Bumble bee conservation trust, two species of bumble bee have become extinct in the UK since the start of the twentieth century. With another two species of bee in danger of imminent extinction. Theories as… → Read More