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Flowers That Attract Bees

Flowers That Attract Bees

We need bees to help pollinate our plants and bees need flowers to survive. Growing flowers that attract bees in the vegetable garden means everybody wins. We get more produce and the bees get nectar to feed themselves and their young. Flowers That Attract Bees There are many flowers that attract bees and during a normal summer they have no problem finding food. Which is good for the bee population however, us gardeners need to be sure of pollination. We need to be proactive in creating the type of garden bees will frequent. To achieve this we have to consider… → Read More

Companion Planting Plum Trees [Get More From Your Plum Trees]

Companion Planting Plum Trees

Companion Planting Plum Trees ( How To Get The Best From Your Plum Trees) As fruit trees go, plum trees including Damsons and Gages are relatively trouble free but as with all plants companion planting will help you to attain the best possible results. Companion planting plum trees is all about the benefits that will be achieved including :- Healthier trees Healthier fruit Larger yields Less disease All grown in an organic, non chemical environment creating less impact on our already fragile planet.  Growing Plum Trees Plum Trees have the reputation of thriving on neglect so if you select the… → Read More

Growing Plants For Pollinators And Why It’s Important

Growing plants for pollinators and why it's important

In this post, I explore the reasons for growing plants for pollinators and why it’s important for your garden or vegetable plot. It is also important for the conservation of wildlife. There are reports that bees are on the decline worldwide, so any help we as growers can offer must be a good thing. Growing Plants For Pollinators And Why It’s Important According to the Bumble bee conservation trust, two species of bumble bee have become extinct in the UK since the start of the twentieth century. With another two species of bee in danger of imminent extinction. Theories as… → Read More