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Dealing With Couch Grass

Dealing With Couch Grass

Dealing With Couch Grass

Dealing with couch grass is a problem that most gardeners and allotment holders will have to face at one time or another. This common weed can not only be invasive, it also prevents seeds from other plants germinating. It looks like a normal grass on the surface, but it’s underground that the problems get real. The roots form a dense, almost impenetrable barrier. It spreads in a number of ways, root division, runners and occasionally by seed. Couch Grass Spreads Rapidly All it takes is one extremely small section of the white rhizome to lay on top of the soil… → Read More

Amaranth Companion Plants

Amaranth Companion Plants

Grown extensively throughout South America as a cereal crop, amaranth grows well in the UK during Summertime. The leaves and seeds are edible and the plant is decorative enough to grow in the flower bed. Most plants do better if grown with other, helpful plants, read on to benefit from amaranth companion plants. Amaranth Companion Plants In it’s native lands, amaranth is a perennial plant but here in the UK it only grows as an annual. This gives us a short season between frosts, so it’s companions will also be warm weather crops as well. Amaranth companion plants include:- Cucumbers… → Read More

Allotment Ideas For Beginners

Allotment Ideas For Beginners

I live in Essex and I had to wait nearly 3 years to get my allotment, 3 years of growing in pots and containers. So when my offer for an allotment in my area came through I jumped at it. I soon started to realise how much I didn’t know, what I needed was allotment ideas for beginners. Allotment Ideas For Beginners So here’s my top tips for allotment newbies, some will be obvious and some not so, but I hope they help you on your allotment journey. The first thing I’ll say is you’re in a marathon, not a… → Read More

The Benefits Of Companion Planting

the benefits of companion planting

As anyone who follows my blog will know, I am a big fan of companion planting. I have, over a number of years witnessed the benefits of companion planting both environmentally and financially. So this post is dedicated to sharing some of these benefits  with you. What’s The Idea Behind Companion Planting? It’s  a  really simple concept, by growing certain plants close to other types of plants you will encourage increased yields and much more vigorous growth. In a nutshell, healthier plants and more produce without the need for harmful chemicals. Companion planting is by no means a new concept,… → Read More

What Is Deadheading?

What Is deadheading

In a few of my posts I have mentioned deadheading in passing, but what is deadheading? What is the point of deadheading? Is it necessary? These are just a few of the questions that I’ll answer in this post. What Is Deadheading? If you have ever nipped a dead flower head off a plant, either by hand or with secateurs or cutters, you have dead headed that plant. So in simple terms deadheading is removing dead flower heads from plants. Not to be confused with pruning which can be more about changing the shape of shrubs and bushes. What Is… → Read More

Companion Planting Dandelions (no…really!)

companion planting dandelions

This post might surprise a few of you gardeners out there. Companion planting dandelions ??? well it surprised me too. Companion Planting Dandelions Every body knows what a dandelion looks like and most of you will think of them as weeds. To be pulled up and destroyed as soon as they are spotted but on closer inspection dandelions are very useful little plants. Dandelions are great companion plants Allowing dandelions to grow near to early flowering fruits and vegetables will attract pollinators on the look out for nectar. Fruits and vegetables like :- Broad beans Early strawberries Apricots Plums Peaches… → Read More

Dealing With Perennial Weeds

Dealing with perennial weeds


If you are a regular visitor to growing-guides.co.uk you will know that I grow organically as much as I am able, but I have been having problems dealing with perennial weeds. So this post is in a way an admission of defeat as any thing else. Dealing With Perennial Weeds Most annual weeds can be dug or pulled up and as long as they are not in flower they can be added to the compost bin. Thier roots are usually shallow and they spread by seed distribution so as long as you remove them early enough they don’t become too… → Read More

My allotment

This year I have struggled with the weeds, as fast as I hoe them they reappear. A wise man once said “one years seeds, seven years weeds” and my plot was seriously neglected when I got it. The weeds certainly had set a copious amount of seeds. Someone else once told me “nature abhors a vacuum” so taking that on board I have started to cover areas that I have weeded and not using just now with manure/straw. I am also making raised beds. These should help me to maintain the plot with the pathways between them hopefully meaning less… → Read More

The plot when I took it on

waist high weeds

I was offered my allotment in early October 2014. I was to meet the site manager on the Monday morning, so on the Sunday morning my wife drove to the site so we could have a sneaky peak. Well I never expected it to be immaculate but I don’t think anything could have prepared me for what I found. The weeds were waist high, there was a pile of rubbish at one end that would have nearly filled a skip and it was obvious that this plot had been neglected for some considerable time.   Of course I saw all… → Read More