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How To Make A Worm Farm

how to make a worm farm

I’ve been looking into how to make a worm farm for some time now, and I thought I’d share my research and set up with you. First let’s look into why make a worm farm, as this is a question I’m sure many will be asking. Why Make A Worm Farm? What are the benefits of making a worm farm and what are the benefits of keeping worms? Valid questions, which I’ll attempt to answer as fully as I can. First let’s look at worms and what they do. How Do Worms Benefit The Garden? In an effort to keep… → Read More

How To Make Comfrey Tea [Organic Comfrey Plant Food Guide]

how to make comfrey tea

How I make my own comfrey tea

What Is Comfrey? Comfrey is a herb that back in the middle ages was used by healers for all manner of conditions including acne, varicose veins and many others but its alternative name of “knit bone” gives a clue as to its main use back in the day, to speed up the healing of broken bones. Well I can’t tell you if any of that is true, all I can tell you is that as a plant food comfrey tea is second to none. Comfrey has a tap root (like a dandelion root) which penetrates deep into the sub soil,… → Read More