Companion Planting Sweet Potatoes

Companion Planting Sweet Potatoes

Despite their name, sweet potatoes are not really potatoes at all, they are in fact members of the same family as morning glory and bindweed. The leaves and tubers of sweet potatoes are edible and they are relatively easy to grow. Companion planting sweet potatoes not only saves space but can also be beneficial to both plants.

Unlike conventional potatoes, sweet potatoes do not grow from a tuber, but from the roots of a “slip”. A slip is a small plant with roots that can be purchased from all good suppliers. Alternatively you can grow your own from shop bought sweet potatoes.

Companion Planting Sweet Potatoes

What can be grown with sweet potatoes? The following are all good companions for sweet potatoes.

Beetroot and Sweet Potatoes

beetroot and sweet potatoes

Many root vegetables will do well with sweet potatoes especially root vegetables that spend a long time in the ground. Beetroots have a long growing season and can remain in the soil for a long time, this makes them great companion plants for sweet potatoes.

Parsnips and Sweet Potatoes

Parsnips and Sweet Potatoes

As parsnips take many months to develop, they are ideal companions for sweet potatoes. Once parsnips are established the crown becomes full of leaves and these leaves are large enough to not get crowded out by the spread of the sweet potato vine.

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

companion planting sweet potatoes-potatoes

Although not related, due to their growing season, potatoes will do well if grown with sweet potatoes. Especially main crop potatoes as they spend much longer in the ground than earlies or second earlies.

Beans and Sweet Potatoes

companion planting sweet potatoes-beans

Both bush beans and pole beans do well with sweet potatoes and as they mature they will help to replace the nitrogen in the soil. Pole beans can either be grown up canes, or allowed to intertwine with the sweet potato vines.

Herbs and Sweet Potatoes

There are many beneficial herbs that can be used in the vegetable patch to encourage growth or protect from harmful pests. The following herbs are particularly useful for companion planting with sweet potatoes. For more on using herbs as companion plants click here.

Thyme and Sweet Potatoes

companion planting sweet potatoes-herbs-thyme

Thyme is a very aromatic herb and its presence close to sweet potatoes will help to keep pests away. Especially flea beetles which are a particular nuisance to sweet potato leaves.

Dill and Sweet Potatoes

sweet potato companion plants-herbs-dill

As a natural insect repellent, dill is a great companion plant for sweet potatoes. It is reported to keep many pests away including aphids and spider mites.

Oregano and Sweet Potatoes

oregano and sweet potato make good companions

Oregano is another aromatic herb that will not only repel pests but will also act as a mulch and as ground cover.

Summer Savory and Sweet Potatoes

Summer savory keeps sweet potato weevils away

In the Southern USA the sweet potato weevil is a persistant pests for sweet potato growers. Summer savory has been reported to deter this pest.

What Not To Grow With Sweet Potatoes

Not all plants make good companions and sweet potatoes are not compatible with everything. The following should not be grown with sweet potatoes.

Squash and Sweet Potatoes

what not to grow with sweet potatoes-squash

As sweet potato plants get really large and take up huge amounts of garden, it is wise to not grow any squash plants in the same area. Squashes also need a lot of space and if they are both vying over the same ground, neither will do very well.

This is something that needs to be kept in mind with anything that shares the ground with sweet potatoes. Even compatible crops could potentially suffer if they are not given adequate space to grow.

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