How to Freeze Runner Beans Without Blanching

How to Freeze Runner Beans Without Blanching

All gardeners will have been faced with this problem at some point in their garden, and to be honest it’s not a bad problem to have. You’ve grown a few runner bean plants and they’ve massively over produced. You don’t have time to blanche them so what do you do?

Well here’s the answer to your problem, how to freeze runner beans without blanching. It’s quick, simple and saves wasting all those wonderful runner beans you’ve grown. This easy step by step guide is all you need to freeze runner beans (as long as you have a freezer).

How to Freeze Runner Beans Without Blanching

The first step is so obvious but I did say step by step guide…

Freezing Runner Beans Without Blanching Step By Step

As I said a lot of this is obvious so I apologise if it seems a bit much…

#1 Pick your runner beans.

I know it’s obvious but seriously, it is the first step.

#2 Wash the runner beans

Be sure to get all dirt and other debris off beans.

#3 Cut the beans to the size you prefer

Some people prefer large pieces and some small, it’s your choice.

how to freeze runner beans

#4 Dry the beans on tea towels or similar.

I find tea towels best for this job as they absorb more water. Place towels below and over the top of the beans, pat dry. Usually takes around 20-25 minutes for the beans to dry out.

#5 Place beans in zip lock bags in portion size.

Again this is your choice and is usually dependant on how many people you have to cater for at each meal.

#6 Put zip lock bags full of beans in the freezer.

I told you it was easy!

freezing runner beans without blanching

Can Other Beans Be Frozen Without Blanching?

Yes all green beans, and peas can be frozen without blanching them. As long as you don’t wish to store them longer than around 6-8 weeks, after this they will deteriorate. They will lose colour, become mushy and taste wrong.

For more information on how to freeze runner beans to last up to a year click the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why dry the beans after washing?

If the beans are frozen wet, they will all stick together, plus they will also get freezer burn, and look unsightly.

How long will runner beans last in the freezer without blanching?

I have had runner beans from my freezer after 2 months without any problems.

Can you freeze runner beans without blanching?

Yes most definitely.

What are the benefits of freezing runner beans without blanching?

It is quick, easy and saves wasting the beans you took so much care over while they were growing.

How many beans should I put in each bag?

This is up to you, it depends on how many people are going to eat beans at each meal.

Why do people blanche vegetables before freezing?

It all depends on how long you wish to store the vegetables, for anything over 6-8 weeks I would reccomend blanching.

What does blanching do?

Blanching stops the growth of certain enzymes that cause vegetables to degrade, lose colour and rot.

How do you blanche vegetables?

Simply place the vegetables in boiling water for no longer than 2 minutes and then plunge them into ice cold water until they are cool.

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