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Companion Planting Sweet Potatoes

Companion Planting Sweet Potatoes

Despite their name, sweet potatoes are not really potatoes at all, they are in fact members of the same family as morning glory and bindweed. The leaves and tubers of sweet potatoes are edible and they are relatively easy to grow. Companion planting sweet potatoes not only saves space but can also be beneficial to both plants. Unlike conventional potatoes, sweet potatoes do not grow from a tuber, but from the roots of a “slip”. A slip is a small plant with roots that can be purchased from all good suppliers. Alternatively you can grow your own from shop bought… → Read More

What To Do In The January Veg Garden

What to do in the January veg garden

In my part of the United Kingdom January is either wet and mild or cold and frosty. It is currently cold, frosty, and extremely windy. Not really conducive to vegetable gardening. But here is the growing-guide what to do in the January Veg Garden. What to do in the January Fruit garden As long as the ground isn’t frozen, January is the perfect time to plant bare rooted fruit trees. Be sure to add a strong stake to prevent wind damage. This month is also the perfect time to Prune apple/pear trees. The trees are dormant at this time of… → Read More