Companion Planting Cucumbers

Companion Planting Cucumbers

There are not many plants that don’t benefit from companion planting, which is another way of saying inter cropping. By companion planting cucumbers you will get less plant damage, healthier plants, and heavier crops.

How Does Companion Planting Cucumbers Work?

In some cases companion planting works by saving space, growing two or more plants that have the same requirements allows them all to grow successfully. Some plants will deter pests away from your cucumber plants, and some will attract beneficial pollinators. Whilst others will actually improve the health of your plants.

Companion Planting Cucumbers

Let’s get started with the good companion plants for cucumbers. In most cases the following will bring something of benefit to cucumber plants specifically. Some just make great companions that enjoy similar conditions.

Sweetcorn and Cucumbers

companion planting cucumbers-sweetcorn

Cucumbers and sweetcorn enjoy the same growing conditions, that’s warmth, rich soil, and plenty of moisture. Try training your cucumber plants to grow up the sweetcorn thus saving space and ensuring similar conditions.

Beans and Cucumbers

cucumber companion plants-beans

Growing beans in companion with cucumbers works because all the nitrogen in the soil will be available for the cucumbers. This is because beans fix nitrogen in the air, and don’t need soil bound nitrogen. You can also try your own version of the 3 sisters method, using sweetcorn, beans, and cucumbers.

Sunflowers and Cucumbers

sunflowers and cucumbers make good companions

As sunflowers grow strong, tall stems, they make excellent companion plants for cucumbers. Train the cucumber plants to grow up the sunflowers using them as supports. Sunflowers attract many beneficial pollinating insects so you’re sure to get a good crop of cucumbers.

Carrots and Cucumbers

carrots and cucumbers grow well together

Cucumbers are fairly shallow rooted, whereas carrots have deep roots, making them ideal companion plants. Carrots also spend a considerable time in the soil, so you won’t disturb the cucumber roots when pulling your carrots.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers

tomatoes and cucumbers make good companion plants

There is no reason not to grow these together, but remember they are both heavy feeding crops, and plan accordingly.

Beetroot and Cucumbers

beetroot grows well with cucumbers

As the beetroot plants grow, they will act as good ground cover, and help prevent weed growth. They also spend a considerable amount of time in the soil, making them ideal companions for cucumbers.

Radishes and Cucumbers

Radishes deter cucumber beetles

These fast growing little beauties not only help to suppress weeds, they’re much more beneficial than that. Radishes deter cucumber beetles, however, radishes don’t do too well in high temperatures. So get them in and out before it hots up, just let a few go to seed for repellent duties.

Lettuce and Cucumbers

keep weeds down with lettuce

Growing lettuce around your cucumber plants will help to keep weed numbers down, and also help to retain moisture.

Broccoli and Cucumbers

broccoli will benefit from the shade of the cucumber plant

Cucumbers and broccoli will grow well as companion plants. The shade provided by the cucumber plant as it grows, will help the broccoli in the hot sunshine. Grow dill alongside to attract many useful insects.

Cauliflowers and Cucumbers

cauliflowers and cucumbers grow well together

The cauliflower will grow perfectly well in companion with cucumbers, and by adding dill they will both do much better.

Peas and Cucumbers

peas and cucumbers

As peas are a member of the legume family, like beans, they will work in the same way as beans in companion to cucumbers. Allow the pea vines to twine up the same supports as the cucumbers.

Dill and Cucumbers

dill also known as the cucumber herb

Dill is also known as the cucumber herb. Once dill is in bloom it will attract beneficial insects, pollinators like bees and hoverflies, and predators like hoverfly larvae, ladybirds(bugs) and parasitic wasps.

Marjoram and Cucumbers

grow marjoram with cucumbers to attract pollinators

Another herb that will help your cucumbers produce extra fruit is marjoram. This member of the oregano family attracts many beneficial insects. Marjoram also improves the health and condition of all its neighbours.

Nasturtiums and Cucumbers

nasturtiums improve the flavour of cucumbers

As well as attracting helpful pollinators, nasturtiums also improve the growth and flavour of cucumbers. For more on companion planting nasturtiums follow this link.

Marigolds and Cucumbers

every garden should grow marigolds

It’s my belief that marigolds should be grown in every garden, they are great little plants. Bright flowers to attract pollinators, and roots that exude chemicals to deter nematodes. To find out more about marigold companion planting click here.

Petunias and Cucumbers

petunias are very versatile companion plants

These can be used to repel leafhoppers, aphids, and general garden pests. Petunias can be grown with just about anything, but work well with cucumbers.

What Not To Grow With Cucumbers

Not all companions are good companions, sometimes perfectly innocent looking plants can cause problems. With cucumbers there are a few problem plants.

Sage and Cucumbers

don't grow sage with cucumbers

Due to it’s strong aroma, sage should not be grown anywhere near cucumbers. The cucumbers flavour can be affected by the sage.

Mint and Cucumbers

mint should not be grown with cucumbers

Another combination that doesn’t work is cucumbers and mint. Again this is due to the strong scent exuded from mint.

Melons and Cucumbers

keep melons away from cucumbers

There are many theories as to why these shouldn’t be grown together, and many of them are false! The truth is, they are both hungry crops and if grown too close they would be vying for the same nutrients. This would mean one or both plants will suffer and ultimately fail.

Squash and Cucumbers

what not to grow with cucumbers-squash

Another combination that doesn’t work and for exactly the same reason as above.

Rue and Cucumbers

don't grow rue with cucumbers

Rue is a very effective pest repellent, but unfortunately, if planted near cucumbers it will slow the cucumbers growth. Meaning less fruit and possibly disformed plants and fruit.

Potatoes and Cucumbers

what not to grow with cucumbers-potatoes

Again there is a lot of speculation concerning the reason why these 2 shouldn’t be grown together. They are both hungry crops, so that’s one reason, but the main problem, is blight. Potato blight can be devastating to your potato crop and cucumbers can encourage potato blight.

Video Summary For Companion Planting Cucumbers

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s a link to Cornell university all about companion planting.

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