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Pots that don’t cost a fortune

pots that don't cost a fortune

Newspaper pot

Everything these days is expensive, and also the more we consume the more we damage the environment. So I recycle where I can, if we have yogurts I save the pots, pierce a hole in the bottom with a screw for drainage and I’ve got a pot to start a seed off in. As we often have yogurt I have a steady supply of pots that don’t cost a fortune. If we buy mushrooms from a supermarket I reuse the plastic container as a seed tray. The clear plastic containers make great mini greenhouses placed on top of seed trays…. → Read More

What’s happened to the peas

Whats happened to the peas?

The no show peas

About a month ago I sowed three rows of peas (Kelvedon wonder) and having just inspected the plot I only have about eight seedlings. So where have they gone? Whats happened to them? What’s happened to the peas?   I expected thirty or so seedlings, so I did some research. Peas are a source of food for birds in all stages of their life, seeds, seedlings, plants and pea pods. Well I knew this and I netted the pea bed at the same time as sowing. Mice and other rodents also feed on peas but there is no evidence of… → Read More