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Herbs In Vegtrug

Herbs In Vegtrug

I have the medium vegtrug, which is the largest one they make but looking through their brochure, they actually make a vegtrug herb garden. In fact they make 2 (more later), this got me thinking. It’s time to explore growing herbs in vegtrug. What Is Vegtrug? This company that appears to have bases in the UK and the US, manufacture wooden planters to a high standard. They are easy to assemble and constructed of treated wood that is safe to grow food in. There are a number of different planters available but we’re going to concentrate on their herb garden…. → Read More

Vegtrug Planting Guide

vegtrug planting guide

If you’ve been following my posts for a while you’ll probably be aware that I had a brain bleed a few years ago. What I haven’t told you is last year I had a quintuple heart by-pass and it’s left me very weak. I can’t manage my allotment so my son set me up a vegtrug and here’s my vegtrug planting guide. We went for the medium vegtrug which is actually the largest one they do? It’s 1.8 metres (6 foot) long, 76 cms (30 inches) wide and 80 cms (31.5 inches) high. That’s an area roughly 6 foot by… → Read More