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Companion Planting Tomatoes

Companion Planting Tomatoes

There is nothing better than a freshly grown, warm, sweet tomato straight from the vine. The flavour of home grown tomatoes surpasses shop bought, commercially grown tomatoes by far. By companion planting tomatoes with other beneficial plants you will not only improve the taste, but also the health of your tomato plants. Tomatoes originate in hot climates so if like me, you’re in an area prone to frosts then you will have to treat this perennial plant as an annual. It also stands to reason that the majority of companion plants for tomatoes also originate in hot countries. That doesn’t… → Read More

Companion Planting Grapes


For centuries growers have been companion planting grapes to improve their crops. The Greeks and the Romans too, so if it’s good enough for the classics then it’s good enough for me as well. Companion Planting Grapes Grapes are not just a good source of fibre, they  also contain many vitamins and minerals. But that’s not why they were popular in ancient times, no that was because they make great wine. That’s still true today but as with all plants the flavour, health and yield can be improved upon with companion planting. What To Companion Plant With Grape Vines There… → Read More