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Marigold Companion Planting

Marigold Companion Planting

The pretty little marigold with it’s flowers ranging from yellow, through orange, to red, is a welcome sight in any garden. Flowering from Spring and continuing to flower until the first frosts (as long as you deadhead) this annual is a good value, beneficial, cheerful plant. By planting the marigold in companion with other plants you will have a healthier and prettier garden. What Are Marigolds? There are 2 different types of marigold grown in the UK, 3 if you include the “pot marigold”(calendula). The calendula is not really a marigold at all but is still a beneficial plant to… → Read More

How To Get Rid Of Slugs Naturally

how to get rid of slugs naturally

The bane of the gardeners life, slugs come in many sizes and colours but all with the same intent, to feed on your plants. There are many articles about the many ways to kill slugs, some conventional and others quite frankly weird. But the organic gardener needs to find out how to get rid of slugs naturally. Natural Slug Repellent There are many slug repellents but by choosing not to use harmful chemicals, you will protect the soil, the environment, and the wildlife. Below are the 30 best methods on how to get rid of slugs naturally. Method #1 Using… → Read More

Why It’s Important To Encourage Predators Into Your Garden

Why It's Important To Encourage Predators Into Your Garden

Why It’s Important To Encourage Predators Into Your Garden Anyone who has spent any time watching nature will know just how brutal it is. From the jungles of South America, to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean all life depends on the demise of some other form of life. So the short answer to why it’s important to encourage predators  into your garden, is to control pest numbers naturally. Pests And Predators I am based in Essex and there aren’t generally too many seriously invasive pests to worry about. That said without proper control, Aphids can get to biblical proportions…. → Read More