How to freeze broad beans without blanching

How to freeze broad beans without blanching

So you’ve grown enough broad beans to last you throughout the rest of the year, but you don’t want to spend the time blanching them before freezing.

And I get it, I mean – who really wants all the hassle and a house full of steam?

You want a quick and easy way to freeze broad beans without spending almost an hour blanching them.

And here’s how you do it…

How to freeze broad beans without blanching

First and most important, remove the broad beans from their pods. They should be clean as they have been completely encased in the pod. If you want to add extra time and energy you can wash and dry your beans.

Next lay them on a freezer tray so they are not touching and place in the freezer, once fully frozen place the beans in freezer bags and away you go. I usually work out roughly how many will be needed for each meal and that’s how many go in each bag.

If you only have a few to freeze just place the podded beans straight into a freezer bag and chuck in the freezer.

And it really is just as simple as that!

But there’s a problem with freezing board beans without blanching

Although the method above will keep your broad beans for an extended period of time – they will not last for the same amount of time as they would if you were to have blanched them.

The reason for this is because blanching your broad beans will actually prevent them from rotting in your freezer after a few months.

And so I only really advise you freeze your broad beans without blanching them if you don’t need them to keep for long. I would say 4-6 weeks at most.

If you’d like them to last longer than that, check out this post here that explains exactly how to blanch your broad beans.

Whatever way you decide to freeze your broad beans I wish you Bon Appetit and I hope your thumbs don’t get too black. 🙂

It Works For Peas Too

It Works For Peas Too

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