Using Scents To Keep Pests Away

Using Scents To Keep Pests Away

As with humans, so with the animal kingdom. Using scents to keep pests away is a pleasant way  of deterring those unwanted pests from your plants.

If you wish to use only organic, humane ways to deter pests from your garden then this post is for you.

Using Scents To Keep Pests Away

By following this list pests can be deterred from either entering your garden or, at least they can be kept away from your vegetables.


Ants dislike, cinnamon, Cloves, Cayenne pepper, Curry powder, Lavender and mint. Sprinkle Cinnamon powder, Curry powder or a handful of Cloves around the plants you wish to protect. Either grow Lavender and/or Mint near the plants you wish to protect or scatter cut sprigs around the area.


To protect plants from aphids grow, Fennel, Marigolds and Nasturtiums.


Cats can be a real nuisance fouling all over your plot. Soak wads of paper or cotton wool balls in vinegar and place in the areas that the cats visit. Citrus peel (the skins from oranges, lemons or grapefruits) also work. you can also now buy Lion poo pellets from garden centres, I’ve never tried this, but the theory is that the cats realise that lions are top of the food chain and keep away.


Not much of a problem in Essex where I am, but if you want to keep deer away from your crops hang some old, sweaty clothes around the edges of your garden. The smell of human should keep deer away.


Moles do not like the smell of orange peel. So at the first sign of moles place orange peel all round the garden.


Rabbits don’t like the smell of Lavender, Thyme, or Garlic. A word of caution though, Garlic is harmful to dogs so take care if using garlic oils or sprays.


Rats and Mice do not like the smell of Peppermint. Grow peppermint plants or use sprigs of peppermint around the garden. Also Peppermint oil is just as effective, but needs refreshing regularly especially after rain.

Slugs And Snails

Slugs and Snails don’t like Rosemary. I have not found this effective personally but it’s worth a try.


Squirrels keep away from Foxes as they don’t want to become the Foxes next meal. You can now purchase from garden centres Fox urine powder.

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