The Top Five Poisonous Plants for Dogs

the top five poisonous plants for dogs

Most people like to have a nice garden with pleasant flowers brightening it up. If you share your garden with your dog you might be surprised at just how dangerous some of these plants can be to our canine friends. So to help you and your pets stay safe, here is the top five poisonous plants for dogs.

The Top Five Poisonous Plants for Dogs


the top five poisonous plants for dogs - daffodils

Daffodils or Narcissi bloom in early Spring, but the danger starts in Autumn when the bulbs are planted. Not only are the bulbs poisonous to dogs but also the flowers and just as dangerous is the water from cut daffodils. If your dog drinks water from a vase that has contained daffodils don’t take a chance, contact the vet immediately.

Signs Of Daffodil Poisoning

If your dog shows signs of vomiting, stomach upset or excessive amounts of saliva this could be a sign of daffodil poisoning. Other symptoms include appetite loss, fits and heart problems.

Autumn Crocus

the top five poisonous plants for dogs-crocus

There are two types of crocus, those that flower in Spring and those that flower in Autumn. The Spring flowering crocus will cause stomach upsets and other mild symptoms, but it’s the Autumn flowering crocus that is the really dangerous ones for dogs.

The Autumn flowering crocus can cause bone marrow depression, severe upset stomach, and kidney and liver failure.


the top five poisonous plants for dogs-tulips

The poisons found in Tulips can cause all of the same symptoms as Daffodils but are not usually as severe. However serious cases can cause heart problems and difficulties with breathing.


the top five poisonous plants for dogs-foxgloves

As popular as they are with bees, foxgloves are poisonous to both dogs and humans. They contain a compound that if consumed in even small doses, can cause the heart to stop. Although the first symptoms are an increase in heart rate, this is followed by a slowing of the heart and consequently heart attack and death.


the top five poisonous plants for dogs-rhododendrons

All parts of the rhododendron or azaleas are poisonous including astonishingly, the pollen. Symptoms include sickness, weakness, dizziness, breathing difficulties and loss of balance. As little as 0.2 % body weight of rhododendron can be fatal.

Other Common Toxic Garden Plants

So there’s the top five poisonous plants for dogs, but that’s not an inclusive list. Other plants that are toxic for dogs include Tomato plants-the leaves and the stems but curiously not the ripe tomato.

Here is a link to a list from the Kennel Club of the most common poisonous plants for dogs.

As long as you are careful and mindful of what your dog is up to, there is no reason why you can’t grow these plants in your garden. If however you notice any of the above symptoms in your dog, contact your vet immediately.





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