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How To Grow Carrots

How To Grow Carrots

It’s not very hard to learn how to grow carrots – simply put: Place carrot seed in growing medium and let nature do it’s thing. But for those wanting a more in depth guide to help you to grow carrots more successfully, here is a comprehensive article dedicated to growing carrots. How To Grow Carrots From Seed First you need to check the temperature of your soil, carrots need at least six degrees centigrade to germinate. You need to make sure your soil has not had any fertiliser/manure in it within the last 6 months as this will deform the crop. You also need to ensure the… → Read More

How To Make A Seed Tape – Step By Step Guide To Making A Seed Tape

how to make a seed tape

Making your own seed tapes is a great idea as I never really understood why people would spend money on something so easy to create yourself. Why make a seed tape? Well picture yourself on your allotment or in your garden about to sow your carrot seeds or some other fine, light seeds and it’s a windy day. Firstly the seed is small and hard to control and so the correct sowing distance is hard to obtain, and secondly, the fine seed will blow every which way in the wind. Seed tapes are easy to make and are very inexpensive…. → Read More