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Tomato and garlic baguette

tomato and garlic baguette


This is a particularly flavoursome combination that I first tasted in Italy about twelve years ago and as both garlic and tomatoes are available at the same time it works really well. It is also one of the simplest recipes I have ever made, I believe the tomato and garlic baguette is one of my favourite tastes of summer. Tomato and Garlic Baguette                     Ingredients Tomatoes Garlic Olive oil Baguette or ciabatta or similar Fresh basil (optional) Method     Place a small amount of olive oil into a fairly deep bowl chop three cloves of garlic and mix into oil, chop… → Read More

When to plant garlic

purple garlic

When to plant garlic, the short answer is anytime from mid September to the end of November. However it’s easier to plant anything if the soil is not frozen so the earlier the better. Traditionally garlic was planted on the 31st of October and harvested on the 31st of July but this is only a guide and you will see when the garlic needs lifting as the leaves will yellow and die back. Garlic needs ten days of frost to form cloves so don’t worry if it snows or we have a particularly bad winter as this is actually helping… → Read More