How to make a yew hedge

recently planted yew hedge

At the Big Garden we have been getting battered by the strong winds recently and as a result of this quite a few of the hurdle fence panels around the herb garden have been severely damaged. So it was decided to replace them with a living fence (yew hedge).

The first step is to remove fence panels, once this is done, dig a trench roughly a spades depth keeping it as straight as possible (we used a string stretched between two stakes) and mix in some compost then water thoroughly then place each plant approximately one foot (30cms) apart. Spread the roots out and bury each plant up to the level that the soil was on each plant. Then water well and basically that’s it. We used plants that are about 12 inches high (30cms) and these will grow at a rate of 12 inches a year so in four years time the hedge should be five foot high which is the same height as the fence was. Once it reaches the desired height it can be trimmed.

The advantages of a hedge are many, to name but a few, the hedge will be strong but will also move with the wind and not break in the wind. It is to my mind more attractive to see a natural hedge than a man made fence. It will last much longer than a fence. It will encourage wildlife.


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