Don’t Waste Good Food

don't waste good food

We live in a throw away society now days, everything from cars to kitchen appliances are made to be replaced not repaired anymore. Well one place where we can all be greener and more frugal is with our vegetables. My advice is don’t waste good food.

Don’t Waste Good Food

There are plenty of people who don’t realise just how much food they are wasting. We learn certain processes throughout the course of our lives, and most never question them. Well I’m going to challenge your beliefs and hopefully get you to try some different approaches to using vegetables.

Use All Of The Root Vegetable (Including The Tops)

edible vegetable tops don't waste good food

Although composting is good and I advocate composting as much organic material as possible, I would urge you to use as much as you can. It’s better for the environment and of course it’s better for your pocket too.

Onion Tops

One of my first treats as the vegetable season unfolds, is the green tops on onions. These taste sweeter than the onion itself and add colour and texture to salads in place of spring onions. Likewise Garlic tops are a more subtle flavour than garlic, slice them and add them to stir fry or use raw add to salads.

Leek Tops

don't waste good food leeks

All of the leek is edible, the white and the green. Some people throw the green top away this is a mistake, use it all the flavour is consistant throughout.

Carrot Tops

don't waste good food carrot tops

There was some dispute as to the toxicality of carrot tops but unless I’m remarkably immune or just very lucky then I can say in all honesty that carrot tops are not poisonous. They can be added raw to salads or boiled lightly and mixed with other greens, they taste mildly of carrots which isn’t really surprising and are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Turnip Tops

Another vegetable that I always think of as a treat are turnips, they are easy to grow and quick to develop and as such, one of the first vegetables to start the spring harvest with. As with all brassicas, the tops are edible as well and taste slighly reminiscient of cabbage.They can be added to salads or lightly boiled, use smaller younger leaves if possible.

Radish Tops

Just like turnips, radishes are easily grown and in a short space of time the benefits of these tasty salad vegetables can be enjoyed. Don’t throw the tops away though, these can be added to a salad and are slightly peppery in flavour.

Beetroot Tops

Some people grow beetroot just for the tops, but I see them as a bonus not the prize. Add raw to salads to perk up the greenery and add extra flavour. Or saute for an extra oomph.

Broad Bean Tops

Whilst the broad bean plants are still growing, once you have five sets of flowers on the plant…. Pinch out the tops and boil them. They taste a bit like spinach and not only have you gathered another under used vegetable for your table, you have also reduced the liklihood of aphids attacking your broad bean plants.

Cauliflower Leaves

The leaves of a cauliflower taste just like cabbage and can all be eaten. If they are particularly thick just peel and slice them then boil them in the usual way. Or add to stir fries trust me they’re delicious.

Cauliflower Stalks

Use in exactly the same way as cauliflower . These taste just the same as the flower head it self.

Calabrese Stalks

Exactly the same as above only slightly stronger in flavour.Great in stir fry.

Celeriac Tops

 don't waste good food celeriac tops

Like carrot tops these can be used raw (although I find them slightly tough) or added to soups and stews. Taste just like celery.

Celery Tops

The leaves of celery are just as edible as the stalks and taste just the same. Add to salads or saute, or add to soups and stews.

Squash Seeds

squash seeds (don't waste good food)

Everyone knows about pumpkinĀ  seeds, but did you know that any winter squash seeds can be used in the same way?

Don’t Waste Good Food Resources

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Don’t Waste Good Food Conclusion

So there it is the growing-guides guide to don’t waste good food, I hope you’ve found it interesting and informative too. If you can think of any other unusual parts of vegetables that are edible please comment below. Don’t forget what you can’t eat… compost.

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