Companion Planting Apricots

companion planting apricots

Not necessarily something you’d expect to grow in the colder climes of the United Kingdom, but apricots can and are growing in Essex at least. As with most plants, conditions can be improved by companion planting. So in this post companion planting apricots I’ll expand on what will help get the best from your apricot.

Companion Planting Apricots

In the United Kingdom Apricots do best in South facing gardens. As apricots are self fertile there is no problem growing single trees.

Sheltering Trees From Cold

Shelter apricot trees with hedging or a wicker fence to protect from winds. If severe frost is forecast cover blossom / fruit with protective fleece.

Mulch to conserve moisture

Mulch around the base of the tree to conserve moisture and to supress weeds.

Good Companion Plants For Apricots

Basil For Repelling Flies

As Basil is such a potent Herb, with an intense smell fruit flies will actively avoid it. So plant Basil at the base of the Apricot tree to keep these virus spreaders at bay.

Alliums To Prevent Borers

To keep borer insects away from Apricot trees which will bore into the tree causing disease and eventually the death of the tree, grow members of the Allium family (onions, garlic, leeks, chives, etc…) underneath the tree. Protecting the trees and also supressing weeds.

Note: Personally I find Chives to be the best as they flower prolifically and the flowers attract pollinating insects.


Asparagus is a good plant to grow with Apricots as it will have finished cropping before the Apricot is in full growth.

Other Companion Plants For Apricots

Strawberries are traditionally woodland plants and so will grow well under Apricot trees.

It is also said that Grapes are  good companions for Apricots. I can find no reasons for this but I am speculating that as Grapes and Apricots both need to be planted in  South facing gardens they make good bed fellows.

Bad Companions – Plants To Avoid

Avoid growing Peppers and Chillies any where near Apricots. Peppers are prone to a fungus that can infect Apricot trees. Which can cause a weakening of the tree and in serious cases the death of the tree.

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