A Moment Of Serendipity

Young rhubarb (serendipity)

Young rhubarb (serendipity)

Serendipity – A Definition

According to dictionary.com Serendipity is defined as “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident”. Put plainly I would say it’s being in the right place at the right time. Why a post on Serendipity? Well a couple of weeks ago I was at my allotment when a Serendipitous ( if that’s even a word ) moment occurred and I would like to share it here.

Working Hard

I had been planning to turn my current pallet based compost bins into a rhubarb bed since last year when I added three plastic compost bins to my allotment (the pallet compost bins can be seen in the post “the plot when I took it“), so on a fairly mild (so called) spring morning I spread the compost onto my raised beds and prepared the soil for the rhubarb plants. This didn’t take much  as this having been compost bins for at least three years the soil is very rich. This is perfectly suited for rhubarb as it is a particularly hungry crop.


I had one rhubarb root given to me that I split into four, and I had another three rhubarb plants that I had grown from seed last year as an experiment. So I planted my seven plants and had one of those stand back and look moments that I often have after achieving my objectives, and when I need a rest. Looking at the planted area I thought  I could have done with one more rhubarb to balance the area.


As I was walking out of the allotment I passed one of my neighbours and said hello. “Hello Steve, you wouldn’t like a rhubarb plant would you ? I seem to have a rogue plant that has to go.” So I accepted her rhubarb plant graciously and explained all that had happened that morning and said ” I beleive  that’s called serendipity isn’t it?” “I’m not sure what variety it is. ” She replied.After I explained we both had a laugh, then I planted my newest rhubarb addition now and forever known as serendipity.



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